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Gold Kist® WG Hot & Spicy Chicken Patty
GTIN: 10077013156007
SKU: 615600
Fuel your day with a fiery twist! our whole grain breaded spicy chicken patty packs a punch of flavor and the goodness of …
Gold Kist® WG Breakfast Chicken Patty
GTIN: 10077013154003
SKU: 615400
Introducing the breakfast champion! start your day with a sizzle! our breaded breakfast chicken patty is the perfect way t…
Gold Kist® WG Breaded Chicken Patty
GTIN: 10075632654003
SKU: 665400
What has the portion control you’re looking for and juicy flavor? that’s easy – our homestyle chicken patties. speaking of…
Gold Kist® WG Breaded Chicken Strip
GTIN: 10075632253008
SKU: 625300
Effortlessly incorporate these tender strips into various menu concepts, enriching your offerings and delighting discernin…
Gold Kist® WG Homestyle Brd Chicken Nugget
GTIN: 10075632153001
SKU: 615300
Dippable delights: engineered to perfection for effortless dipping and dunking, these nuggets embrace the flavors of your …
Gold Kist® WG Dark Meat Smackers
GTIN: 10075632104584
SKU: 110458
We could tell you we named this crowd-pleasing popcorn chicken “smackers” because they smack boredom right out of the pict…
Gold Kist® WG Chicken Smackers
GTIN: 10075632104522
SKU: 110452
Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a full meal these delicious popcorn chicken smackers meet mealtime satisfactio…
Gold Kist® WG MWWM Brd Chicken Brst Strips
GTIN: 10075632075723
SKU: 7572
Upgrade your school meals with our fully cooked, whole grain breaded chicken breast strips. made from whole muscle chicken…
Gold Kist® WM Breaded Breast Strip
GTIN: 10075632075273
SKU: 7527
With our whole grain breaded chicken breast strips — it is a perfect harmony of nutrition and indulgence. made with premi…
Gold Kist® WM Brd Dark Meat Chicken Chunk
GTIN: 10075632075266
SKU: 7526
We make yummy simple with these fully cooked, whole-grain dark meat chicken chunks. carefully breaded dark meat, these del…
Gold Kist® WG MWWM Brd Chicken Brst Fillets
GTIN: 10075632075228
SKU: 7522
Offer your students a tasty and nutritious meal with our fully cooked, whole grain breaded chicken breast fillets. made fr…
Gold Kist® WG/WM Breaded Boneless Wings
GTIN: 10075632075181
SKU: 7518
Boneless, skinless breaded breast chunks, a culinary canvas awaiting your imagination. with a neutral flavor profile, they…