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Pierce Chicken® Uncooked, Golden Crunchy Breaded Chicken Tender Shaped Patties Made With Rib Meat
GTIN: 10075632444420
SKU: 44442
These golden crunchy breaded tenders have a flat breaded appearance that provides you with a consistent product that your …
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Pierce Chicken® Uncooked Breaded Chicken Tenders
GTIN: 10077013165887
SKU: 16588
Pierce homestyle, breaded chicken breast strips partially fried, frozen, and packed in 2 (5 lb) bags per case.
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Pierce Chicken® Uncooked Homestyle Chicken Tender Fritters
GTIN: 10041723072124
SKU: 7212
This frittered tender is sure to please. the double batter step gives this tender a gnarl hand breaded appearance that con…
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Pierce Chicken® Uncooked Tempura Chicken Breast Strips With Rib Meat
GTIN: 10075632113562
SKU: 111356
Enjoy the light and crispy texture of tempura chicken without the hassle of preparing it back-of-house. the tempura batter…
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Pierce Chicken® Uncooked Traditional Chicken Tender Fritters
GTIN: 10075632072135
SKU: 7213
This tenderloin has a soft and juicy interior with a crunchy frittered exterior. it makes a great addition to an appetizer…