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Pierce Chicken® Spicy Popcorn Chicken
GTIN: 10077013166044
SKU: 16604
Choose our sizzle & spice ready-to-cook spicy popcorn chicken – a fusion of fiery flavor.appeal to your clientele’s cravin…
Pierce Chicken® Rtc Homestyle Tender
GTIN: 10077013165887
SKU: 16588
New pierce chicken® homestyle breaded chicken breast tenders are ready to cook and packed with flavor. they can be served …
Pierce Chicken® Rtc Original Breaded Chunk
GTIN: 10077013165870
SKU: 16587
These new pierce chicken® homestyle breaded chicken breast chunks are ready to cook, with a flavor forward homestyle flavo…
Pierce Chicken® Rtc Homestyle Breaded Tender
GTIN: 10077013165153
SKU: 16515
Our homestyle ready-to-cook breaded breast strips – a game-changer for operators seeking top-tier quality and ease of use …
Pierce Chicken® Rtc Homestyle Popcorn
GTIN: 10077013070099
SKU: 7009
Our ready to cook popcorn chicken is a delightful symphony of flavors and textures, featuring bite-sized, perfectly cooked…
Pierce Chicken® Rtc Tempura Strip
GTIN: 10075632113562
SKU: 111356
Ready-to-cook tempura chicken breast stips with rib meat—an exceptional taste. these premium chicken strips boast a tender…
Pierce Chicken® Hot & Spicy Breaded Chicken Wings
GTIN: 10075632079011
SKU: 60025
Our renowned wing zings ® fully cooked hot and spicy breaded chicken wings 1st and 2nd sections – a delight cherished by a…
Pierce Chicken® Tender Fritter
GTIN: 10037638036177
SKU: 13617
Our homestyle ready-to-cook breaded chicken fritters – a game-changer for operators seeking top-tier quality and ease of u…
Pierce Chicken® Roasted Wing
GTIN: 10075632103419
SKU: 110341
Our oven roasted wings- roasted perfection-they are carefully crafted to deliver a taste experience like no other. made wi…
Pierce Chicken® FC Spicy Fillet
GTIN: 10075632265896
SKU: 26589
Our fiery fusion fully cooked spicy breaded chicken breast fillets – the pinnacle of flavor and convenience for operators!…
Pierce Chicken® FC Chicken Tenders
GTIN: 10075632265889
SKU: 26588
Each bite reveals a symphony of flavors, from the mouthwatering crunch of the breading to the juicy, flavorful chicken wit…
Pierce Chicken® FC Breaded Fillet
GTIN: 10075632265865
SKU: 26586
Our breaded chicken breast fillets are a chef’s dream, featuring a golden, crispy breading that is designed to save you va…