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Gold Kist® Fully Cooked Boneless, Skinless Whole Grain Breaded Chicken Breast Strip
GTIN: 10075632075273
SKU: 7527
Goldkist logo labeled, fully cooked, whole grain breaded boneless, skinless chicken breast strip, made with usda graded me…
GoldKist® Fully Cooked Fajita Chicken Strips, Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast With Rib Meat and Dark Meat Smoke Flavor Added
GTIN: 10075632012506
SKU: 1250
Taco tuesday made easy! these fully cooked fajita strips are the perfect size for tacos, fajitas and beyond. they are made…
GoldKist® Fully Cooked Child Nutrition Diced 1/2″ White and Dark Chicken Meat
GTIN: 10041723002305
SKU: 1230
This ½ inch diced chicken product is made with white and dark meat chicken which helps to provide a more flavorful bite. i…
Gold Kist® Fully Cooked Boneless, Skinless, Whole Grain Breaded Chicken Breast Chunks With Rib Meat
GTIN: 10075632075181
SKU: 7518
This breaded boneless breast chunk is built for customization and versatility. the neutral flavor profile makes a great pl…
Gold Kist® Fully Cooked Boneless, Skinless Whole Grain Breaded Chicken Breast Fillets With Rib Meat
GTIN: 10075632075167
SKU: 7516
Chicken whole grain breaded breast fillets provide a tender and juicy bite and are fully cooked providing food safety peac…
Gold Kist®Fully Cooked Whole Grain Large Popcorn Style Dark Chicken Breaded Popcorn Shaped Dark Chicken Patty
GTIN: 10075632104584
SKU: 110458
A true crowd pleaser. these popcorn chicken smackers are made with 100% dark chicken and are whole grain allowing you to m…
Gold Kist® Fully Cooked Whole Grain Home-Style Breaded Chicken Nuggets Nugget Shaped Chicken Patties
GTIN: 10075632153001
SKU: 615300
These whole grain, home-style breaded chicken nuggets are designed to be heated from a frozen state.