Since the 1950s, Pierce Chicken® has been driven by our passion to offer the absolutely best-tasting, highest-quality chicken available in foodservice. Customers – then and now – know us for superior flavor and consistency. We refused to stop there though. Innovation is in our blood. We’re always working on being the first to market the next great taste in chicken.
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Gold Kist has been making high-quality and great value chicken products for more than 60 years. Made with cuts of premium whole-muscle, value-added chicken to assure excellent flavor and portion size consistency, our products give students and customers popular formats and great tastes they crave.
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We believe in starting with the best to create the best with Wing Ding’s® and spiced-up Wing Zing’s®. Our wings stand at the forefront, gracing menus and gaining recognition as the go-to choice among discerning operators. Savor the flavor with every bite—taste the wings that set the standard.
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